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Relationship Marketing

Whether you are trying to attract industry VIPs and qualified attendees, motivate them to increase their purchase activity, or trying to establish loyal relationships, the basic principles of relationship marketing can help. And now, with Thomas VIP, even the smallest shows can employ this very same strategy at an affordable cost and without the concerns of expensive programs or hiring new staff. Thomas VIP is an affordable and flexible turnkey solution.

Thomas VIP… personal touch made easy!

Easy to Setup, Even Easier to Use
The program begins with a step-by-step instructional interview process whereby Thomas VIP will collect all the background information necessary to get you on your way to effective marketing. Setup includes collecting your program priorities and goals while Thomas VIP painlessly guides you step-by-step through the fundamentals of instituting your marketing campaign.

Customer Tracking
Thomas VIP gives you a powerful customer tracking database to capture all the relevant information you will need to support your marketing campaign.

Complaint Tracking
Effectively track your attendee complaints and associated corrective actions. Most importantly, keep track of and identify repeat complainers. The Complaint Tracking feature allows you to monitor your success rate at problem resolution and measure the corresponding rate of attrition. Then take action by generating a focused mailing targeting possible lost customers by using your complaint history.

Produce effective, targeted mailings for any of your marketing strategies. Thomas VIP supplies you with a pre-written offer letter for each of the supported marketing strategies. Use them as supplied or modify for a custom solution. Each letter is personalized with your attendees name, address, promotional offer and of course, your signature. Deliver by conventional U.S Mail or electronic mail.

First Time Attendee
Reward attendees the first time they attend your event. In fact, let them know ahead of the show that a reward awaits them.

Repeat Attendee
Reach your most loyal attendees on a personal level. Extend a token of appreciation to them by extending an extra special offering to them when they return to your event.

Extend a sincere token of appreciation to buyers and other event VIPs who have visited often and/or have spent generously.

Miss You
Get a handle on attrition. Bring those lost attendees back. Identify attendees who no longer visit your event and learn the reasons why!

Referral Program
Entice your established attendees, reps and exhibitors to spread the good word and refer a friend to your event.

Incentives and Rewards
Points! Incentives! Rewards! Everyone likes to be treated like a VIP and rewarded for their loyalty and value to the event. Create on-the fly promotions to promote slow areas or slack times

Raffle Program
Raffles are a great way to promote your event and influence behavior.

Exhibitor and Vendor Participation
Exponentially increase the effectiveness of you program by involving exhibitors and vendors in the program. Enhance their success and ROI and you enhance the overall success of the event.

Have an innovative marketing strategy of your own? With Thomas VIP you can simply design your own promotion using the custom promotion generator.

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