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Exhibitor Programs

All the benefits of Thomas VIP are
available to exhibitors and vendors:

· Use as a pre and post show marketing tool
· Attract attendees to your booth – build traffic
· Convert visits to your booth to qualified leads and sales
· Use the loyalty rewards throughout the year – not just at the event

Points pooling is one of the most powerful aspects of the Thomas VIP program. Show management and exhibitors join in a synergistic and mutually beneficial program that leads to an increase in quality attendees, increased order writing, and greater participation in the event overall. Additionally,

· Overall marketing costs are lowered.
· The collaborative nature of trade shows and events
    is fully taken advantage of
· A turnkey, flexible and powerful program is available to exhibitors

Powerful Features of the Program are:

· A Multitude of relationship marketing strategies
· Powerful promotion designer and manager
· Incentive campaigns and points and rewards programs
· Complaint and resolution management
· Qualified attendee ranking and analysis
· Built-in email advertising
· Integrated software


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